Tiffany B
“I started seeing Julie for an injury that I sustained during childbirth 7 years ago and really never believed it was going to go away. It is completely manageable now and I haven’t had a flare up in several months. I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer and feel that Julie has helped me take my own athleticism to places I really could not have imagined. She has a gift for understanding the human body and a body of knowledge that is both unique and highly effective. I wholeheartedly recommend!

Melanie P
“I’ve been working with Julie for almost two years now and cannot say enough about the improvements my body has experienced!

She has a very clinical approach and targeted the source of my lower back pain, which has been plaguing me for years. I can say that the treatment and exercises she provided has greatly changed my ability to exercise and enjoy the physical activities I love. She was also able to work through a partially torn rotator cuff injury so I am almost back to my level of strength before that injury.

There are people who go to PT school for 6 months and say they can help you. Julie has years of training and the intuition to figure out the root cause and help you make changes with definable results. I have recommended her to several friends as well as my husband and they have all had a great degree of success.”

Brittney D
“Julie has been my physical therapist for almost 3 months now. I have seen amazing progress in a short amount of time compared to my last knee surgery. My left knee had MCL, ACL and meniscus repair and is doing wonderful. I am on the bike, doing lunges and starting to do many rotational moves. I leave there feeling exhausted in a good way finally again. Getting my strength back and excited for what is next for me!”

Katrina K
“Absolutely fantastic experience! Julie knows the human body unlike anyone else I’ve ever met. I had an awful issue in my thoracic spine for months that I thought would never improve but Julie worked until she had me back to 100%… Truly improved my day to day. I recommend her a thousand times over!”

Alissa N
“Best PT I’ve ever seen! Julie has incredible knowledge of the body and her techniques are unlike any other PT I’ve been too. Both my husband and I sought Julie out and within a few weeks we were pain free! Got an issue? See Julie!”

Andrew S
“I first visited Elevation Physical Therapy just prior to having my knee reconstructed.  My ACL was completely torn and underwent an autograft procedure using my patellar tendon.  My meniscus was also severely compromised requiring removal of about 30%.  From my first visit just prior to my reconstruction to the enduring therapy sessions over the course of the following year the focus at Elevation PT was unwavering:  get better and resume all of your favorite activities with improved functionality.

I am an active person who enjoys both individual (mountain biking and wake/snowboarding) and team sports, particularly soccer.  Thanks to Elevation Physical Therapy, I have returned to those sports in stronger condition than before and am using techniques that are less impactful on and more sustainable to my body. The one on one care and patient centric focus combined with a wonderful facility and private atmosphere make this business outstanding.  The functional focus applied to my recovery and therapy put it over the top.”

Haley B
“Julie is amazing. I first went to her for hip pain and saw a vast improvement in both pain levels and mobility. I came back for shoulder pain as I knew she could help. Julie not only works with your body but she also shows you how to stretch and strengthen your body at home. Julie is friendly and relaxed and really knows what she is doing.”

Julie U
“I am a personal trainer and smash my body on a regular basis. All I can say is: THANK GOD for Julie at Elevation Physical Therapy! She has treated me for many, various injuries and every time I have bounced back right into the gym. Julie is totally professional, yet caring and compassionate. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a skilled physical therapist. If you’re reading this review now and need a PT fast, do yourself a favor and call Julie.”